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Original oil portrait of Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP_Oil on Linen by Sally Ryan artist


Entry-level portrait – For a portrait sketch, from life, you will be required to sit for approximately 5 hours. The finished sketch will be a small head and shoulder oil painting on board or canvas. The sitting time is broken up into short sessions of approximately 30 minutes with breaks in between. At the end you can take the unframed painting away with you.


Portraits can be painted from life or from photographs. Paintings from life require multiple sittings that may require between 30 to 60 hours of the subject’s time to reach completion.

Alternatively, photos can be taken during a sitting and the work produced from an image. This is particularly useful if time is an issue or if the sitting is on location. Paintings that are complex may take a number of weeks/months to complete.

If working from images, I prefer to work from my own photos than use images provided by the subject unless the painting is being done posthumously.


Prices are governed by the size of the painting, the number of figures in it as well as details required. Contact me via email for a quote and to discuss any requirements including timing and budget.

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